Cancellation Policy

Need to realize how to drop request on Well this post will disclose to you how to drop ebuzz request .

At the point when you’re shopping on the web, it’s anything but difficult to get a little over the edge and energized with the different alternatives accessible. Particularly when there are various arrangements and limits present, one regularly winds up buying items that were not required. Or on the other hand at times while shopping on the web, you misread a specific item detail excessively late and have just submitted your request!

This can feel like a significant bummer however no compelling reason to stress. Ebuzz comprehends these issues and has guaranteed to furnish its clients with a simple and helpful measure to drop their requests!

Instructions to drop request on

1. To drop ebuzz request, Open ebuzz App or site and tap Account

2. In the My Order area, tap on View All

3. From your requests, tap the one you wish to drop.

4. Tap the Cancel catch and fill the undoing structure.

5. Select your explanation behind abrogation.

6. Make sure you peruse and concur with the undoing strategy.

7. Then tap the Submit button.

You won’t have the option to drop the request yet you might have the option to restore your item if your request is as of now on its approach to you or in the event that you have just gotten your request.